EMI Filtering and Signal Conditioning

STMicroelectronics offers its EMI filtering and signal conditioning for IPAD, IPD, and smart antenna tuners

Image of STMicroelectronics' EMI Filtering and Signal ConditioningSTMicroelectronics' portfolio of IPAD, IPD, and smart antenna tuners integrates components and functions. These include ESD protection, EMI and common-mode filtering, line terminations, high-value capacitances, integrated RF passives with couplers, high- or low-band filters, baluns, diplexers, and LTE band tuning with high-quality factor, RF tunable capacitors.

These devices are intended for applications such as mobile devices, set-top boxes, automotive entertainment, portable medical equipment, and smart metering.

STMicroelectronics' advanced semiconductor technology reduces the space required on PCBs. By integrating in a single package the matching filtering and protection functions usually implemented with discrete components, ST provides the flexibility to expand the number of functionalities of the end product or to create a smaller device. ST's integrated passive devices (IPDs) for RF applications, ECMF™ series for high-speed lines, and ESD suppressors housed in micro-packages provide the highest level of integration. One of the latest advanced devices joining ST's micro-package families is the world's smallest, single-line TVS, the ESDAVLC6-1BV2, in a 01005 surface-mount package to protect sensitive circuitry against voltage surges.

EMI Filtering and Signal Conditioning

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionAvailable QuantityView Details
BALUN 2.4-2.54GHZ 5UFBGA CSPBGABAL-NRF02D3BALUN 2.4-2.54GHZ 5UFBGA CSPBGA1931 - ImmediateView Details
BALUN 2.4GHZ-2.54GHZ 5WFBGABAL-NRF01D3BALUN 2.4GHZ-2.54GHZ 5WFBGA11857 - ImmediateView Details
BALUN 2.4GHZ-2.5GHZ 50/50 4WFBGABALF-NRG-01D3BALUN 2.4GHZ-2.5GHZ 50/50 4WFBGA1 - ImmediateView Details
TVS DIODE 33V 60.8V SMASMA6J33CA-TRTVS DIODE 33V 60.8V SMA45724 - ImmediateView Details
BALUN 2.4GHZ-2.5GHZ 50/50 5UFBGABALF-NRF01D3BALUN 2.4GHZ-2.5GHZ 50/50 5UFBGA0View Details
BALUN 2.4GHZ-2.54GHZ 6XFLGABALF-NRF01E3BALUN 2.4GHZ-2.54GHZ 6XFLGA47032 - ImmediateView Details
TVS DIODE 15V 27.7V SMASMA6J15A-TRTVS DIODE 15V 27.7V SMA21849 - ImmediateView Details
TVS DIODE 33V 60.8V SMASMA6J33A-TRTVS DIODE 33V 60.8V SMA18422 - ImmediateView Details
TVS DIODE 15V 27.7V SMASMA6J15CA-TRTVS DIODE 15V 27.7V SMA11535 - ImmediateView Details
TVS DIODE 24V 44.3V SMASMA6J24A-TRTVS DIODE 24V 44.3V SMA7003 - ImmediateView Details
TVS DIODE 28V 51.6V SMASMA6J28A-TRTVS DIODE 28V 51.6V SMA17501 - ImmediateView Details
Published: 2016-12-30