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LAPP North American First to Earn UL Verification for Its Continuous Flex Test Method

LAPP USA Engineering is the first company worldwide to earn a UL Verification for our Continuous Flex Test Method. LAPP’s Motion type attributes are a standard for contractors, designers, equipment manufacturers, and end users. This UL Verification is the latest recognition of LAPP’s position as the industry leading manufacturer of high quality flexible cables.

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Lower Installation Using Cable Connectors

Cable connectors provide a range of cost saving over hardwiring for all parties including engineers and installers. Disassembling, connecting, and maintenance of single and modular systems have improved reliability by eliminating wiring mistakes. LAPP provides a wide range of industrial connectors that cover nearly every power, control, signal, and data application.

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Taking Advantage of the Industrial Internet of Things to Maximize Productivity

Manufacturers looking to modernize factories to maximize productivity require a high speed network to provide critical power and data transmission. LAPP cables and connectors work with industry standard systems to provide the backbone for increasingly extensive infrastructure in harsh industrial environments.

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About LAPP

LAPP manufactures the highest quality cable, connectors, glands and industrial data communication solutions to enable factory automation, support plant infrastructure, and power and control machinery. LAPP products are proven to withstand harsh industrial environment factors including corrosive oil and water, temperature extremes, vibration, and continuous flexing. Their custom cable assemblies for power, data, signal, and control applications empower you to maximize your production through optimized connectivity. LAPP's state of the art manufacturing plant includes an in-house UL Client Data Program and UL certified laboratory to ensure the highest quality, continuously tested industrial cables, connectors, and glands in the market.