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Image of SMC Diode Solutions' High Current Schottky Rectifier
High-Current Schottky Rectifiers

SMC Diode Solutions' high-current Schottky rectifiers offer low forward voltage, excellent temperature stability, high switching speed, and high efficiency.

Image of Phoenix Contact's FL Timeserver
FL Timeserver

Phoenix Contact's FL timeserver receives accurate time and geo-location information via GNSS and provides the time and date information via NTP protocol.

Image of Seeed's LoRa-E5 Series
LoRa-E5 Series Module, Boards, and Dev Kit

Seeed's four LoRa-E5 series products (the module, Grove board, mini development board, and development kit) are centered around STMicroelectronics' STM32WLE5JC.

Image of Phoenix Contact's ECS Mini Outdoor Enclosure
ECS Mini Outdoor Enclosures

Phoenix Contact's ECS mini outdoor electronic enclosures protect electronics from harsh environments.

Image of Laird Technologies' Tflex™ HP34 Series High-Performance Gap Filler Material
Tflex™ HP34 Series High-Performance Gap Filler Material

Laird Technologies' Tflex™ HP34 series high-performance gap filler material consists of graphite fibers aligned to provide a high bulk thermal conductivity.

Image of Microchip's PIC18F-Q84 Family of Microcontrollers
PIC18F-Q84 Family of Microcontrollers

Microchip's PIC18-Q84 series offers increased flexibility with customizable timers and automated analog signal analysis for real-time response.

Image of MikroElektronika's MIKROE-4496 Temp&Hum Click Board
MIKROE-4496 Temp&Hum Click

MikroElektronika's MIKROE-4496 Temp&Hum 15 Click is a compact add-on board that contains an SHT humidity sensing solution from Sensirion.

Image of Laird Technologies' Softzob GDS Series Medium Range Soft Gap Filler Absorber
Softzob GDS Series Medium-Range Soft Gap Filler Absorber

Laird Technologies' Softzob GDS series medium-range soft gap filler absorber is ideal for cavity resonance, energy coupling, and crosstalk challenges.

SenseCap Industrial IoT Sensors - Seeed
SenseCAP Industrial IoT Sensors

Seeed’s SenseCAP line of products is designed to serve industrial IoT needs in many environmental sensing scenarios.

Image of Advantech's ICR-3201 Gateways for LAN and Wi-Fi
ICR-3201 Gateways for LAN and Wi-Fi

Advantech's ICR-3201 gateway is the perfect way to connect IP or serial devices to a LAN network via the WAN interface.

Image of Kyocera's 6810 Series Autolock FPC Connector
6810 Series Autolock FPC Connector

Kyocera's 6810 series autolock FPC connector offers an autolocking feature approved for automated assembly.

Image of Honeywell’s SNG-S Series Speed Sensors
SNG-S Series Speed Sensors

Honeywell’s SNG-S series speed sensors use a magnetically biased Hall effect integrated circuit (IC) to accurately sense the movement of ferrous metal targets.

Image of Vishay's Stacked Polymer Capacitors
Stacked Polymer Capacitors

Vishay's stacked polymer capacitors feature ultra-low ESR.

Image of Stackpole's CSSK Kelvin Terminated Current-Sense Chip Resistor
CSSK Kelvin Terminated Current-Sense Chip Resistors

Stackpole Electronics' CSSK chip resistors are ideal for current-sensing applications.

Image of Stackpole's CSRT2512-UP Thin-Film Current-Sense Chip Resistor
CSRT2512-UP Thin-Film Current-Sense Chip Resistors

Stackpole Electronics' CSRT2512-UP chip resistors are capable of very high continuous power capability.