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About Reference Design Library

Instead of searching many manufacturer sites or calling on companies to find and compare designs, now you can search for designs based on the circuit’s performance using Digi-Key’s Reference Design Library.

The Reference Design Library was created in order to:

  • Save Engineers time
  • Deliver ideas, fast
  • Sift through designs based on performance
  • Provide designs conveniently accompanied by their schematics

Visit often as new designs are being added weekly and improvements will be made based on your constructive feedback.

Newest Designs

STEVAL-ISB044V1: Qi MP-A10 15 W Wireless Charger TX Evaluation Kit

Manufacturer: STMicroelectronics

The STEVAL-ISB044V1 evaluation kit has been designed for devices, such as smartphones or tablets, requiring high power levels than standard wireless charging profiles can provide, up to 15W.

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STEVAL-ISB042V1: 15W Qi and 5W Airfuel receiver and Qi-based transmitter

Manufacturer: STMicroelectronics

The STEVAL-ISB042V1 is a 15-watt Qi and 5-watt Airfuel inductive (former PMA) wireless power receiver evaluation board based on the STWLC33 wireless power receiver solution for the WPC/Airfuel mobile device with dual mode coil.

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EVB_RT8497GS: 150mA @ 60V Max, 90 ~ 264 VAC

Manufacturer: Richtek USA Inc.

The EVB_RT8497GS Evaluation Board integrates a power MOSFET and a Boundary mode controller into one IC package. It is used for step down converters by well controlling the internal MOSFET and regulating a constant output current suitable for LED driver applications.

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