Re³inforced DC/DC Converters

RECOM's Re³inforced DC/DC converters offer up to 10 kVDC isolation

Image of Recom Power's Re³inforced DC/DC ConvertersRECOM's REC3.5 and REC6 Series use reinforced isolation transformers to offer exceptionally high isolation of 8 kVDC (4 kVAC/1 minute) or 10 kVDC (5 kVAC/1minute), making them suitable for HT monitoring circuits, mains power meters, IGBT isolated power supplies, and other sophisticated industrial and medical applications. Both series are available in two industry-standard pinouts. Remote on/off controls are possible. An optional undervoltage lockout function is also available. These converters can deliver 140 percent rated power for short periods of time to cope with applications with large capacitive loads or high startup currents.

  • 8 kVDC and 10 kVDC reinforced isolation
  • Industry standard DIP24 package
  • 3.5 W (REC3.5) or 6 W (REC6) regulated output
  • Continuous short circuit protection
  • EN, CSA, and CB certificates
  • Wide input 2:1
  • Medical approved
  • 2 pinout options
  • Control pin option
  • Efficiency to 86%

Re3inforced DC DC Converters

BildHersteller-TeilenummerBeschreibungVerfügbare Menge
DC DC CONVERTER 5V 3.5WREC3.5-1205SRW/R10/ADC DC CONVERTER 5V 3.5W150 - SofortDetails anzeigen
DC DC CONVERTER 5V 3.5WREC3.5-2405SRW/R10/ADC DC CONVERTER 5V 3.5W30 - SofortDetails anzeigen
DC DC CONVERTER +/-12V 3.5WREC3.5-2412DRW/R10/ADC DC CONVERTER +/-12V 3.5W9 - SofortDetails anzeigen
DC DC CONVERTER 5V 6WREC6-1205SRW/R10/ADC DC CONVERTER 5V 6W956 - SofortDetails anzeigen
DC DC CONVERTER 5V 6WREC6-2405SRW/R10/ADC DC CONVERTER 5V 6W176 - SofortDetails anzeigen
Veröffentlicht: 2010-05-05