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Powering Startups

5/14/2020 | By Kevin Walseth

Startups are a staple in tomorrow’s technology, but how do these future companies grow into the category of a startup? Open-source hardware such as Arduino is shaping the future of today’s startups by making it possible to build ideas and bring innovation to the forefront of design.

The beauty of Arduino is the ability to purchase inexpensive hardware and program it with a free IDE (integrated development environment), allowing you to prototype to your heart’s content. Taking this same prototype into a finished good and a future market-ready product is a breeze. Utilizing the same code, microcontroller, and concept from the heart of the Arduino and adding it to the final PCB is something that Arduino was made for. Microchip has many different IC packages for the same part that is at the heart of the Arduino board.

In the video above, you will see how companies such as Bare Conductive and Vinduino have taken this approach to further their company without the stress and burden of outsourcing the electronics. The ability to lean on other projects, startups, and makers of the world shows us that open source is truly changing how we innovate. An online search of your problem can turn into a groundbreaking improvement and timesaver.

We have heard the term “we are all in this together” a lot lately, but the truth is; startups, open-source hardware, and innovators have been in this together for a very long time. I love seeing how everyone is helping each other build their startups and grow the beautiful innovation we have all been seeing. Keep the innovations and startups coming. We are all here to support you.