High-Current True Zero-Ohm Jumpers

Keystone's “true” zero-ohm high-current SMT jumpers are designed to replace “zero” ohm resistors

Image for Keystone's High-Current 'True' Zero-Ohm JumpersThe high-current true zero-ohm jumpers from Keystone are quickly and easily set-up and uniquely suited as true zero-ohm resistor replacements. Three resistor chip sizes are offered to simplify designs and footprint template compatibility. Manufactured from copper with silver plating, these jumpers provide a low-impedance and circuit linkage with an identical footprint as zero-ohm resistors. Ideal for high-density, high-current PCB applications, the jumpers are supplied on tape and reel per ANSI/EIA-481, standard for compatibility with most vacuum and mechanical pick and place assembly systems.

Other Keystone Jumpers

  • 0603, 0805, and 1206 chip sizes
  • Thick copper with silver plate finish
  • 1000 pcs per tape and reel
  • RoHS and REACH certified
  • Available in cut tape and Digi-Reel

High-Current True Zero-Ohm Jumpers

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionAvailable Quantity
RES SMD 0 OHM JUMPER 1/2W 08055106RES SMD 0 OHM JUMPER 1/2W 0805187527 - ImmediateView Details
RES SMD 0 OHM JUMPER 1/2W 12065108RES SMD 0 OHM JUMPER 1/2W 1206217210 - Immediate
301959 - Factory Stock
View Details
RES SMD 0 OHM JUMPER 1/2W 06035110RES SMD 0 OHM JUMPER 1/2W 0603188886 - Immediate
285795 - Factory Stock
View Details
Published: 2015-01-21