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SCHURTER - A globally successful Swiss family business
PCAP Touchscreen Solutions
Capacitive Key Solutions
SCHURTER Cord retaining 2576 for Appliance Coupler Type IEC C8
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5 minutes
Innovative Touch-Safe Fuse Cover ESO 10.3 x 38
The ESO 10.3 x 38 and its related ASO and CSO series parts will be discussed in this presentation.
10 minutes
Surface Mount Chip Fuse
Schurter's surface mount chip fuses offer quick, super quick acting and time-lap characteristics. Each fuse series boasts unique performance characteristics.
5 minutes
5150 Series High Frequency Line Filters
More effective at high frequencies and meet stringent emissions standards than feed through capacitors, and the first of their kind to utilize X2Y technology.
5 minutes
5707 Power Entry Module
Tightly sealed from the elements, this power entry module allows equipment to be washed/sealed without damage. Virtually impervious to dust and liquids.
5 minutes
DD Series Power Entry Module
Offers mounting flexibility, optional EMI/RFI filter, PCB mounted, and are best suited for applications with limited space and high inrush currents.
5 minutes
MSM CS Pushbutton Switch
MSM CS switches have a fully illuminated ceramic surface which is ideal for applications in environments that are dimly lit.
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SCHURTER Electronic Components ist ein fortschrittlicher Innovator und Produzent von Sicherungen, Schutzschaltern, Steckverbindern, EMV-Komponenten und Eingabesystemen, einschließlich Schalter. Seit über 75 Jahren haben SCHURTER-Komponenten sichere und saubere Energie geliefert und eine einfachere Schnittstelle zwischen Mensch und Maschine zur Verfügung gestellt. Unsere Hauptmärkte sind Datenkommunikation, Industrie, erneuerbare Energien, Medizintechnik und Testinstrumente.