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LEMO – High Quality Interconnect Solutions
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5 minutes
S Series
The features and benefits of the LEMO S series connectors and the assembly instructions for the series.
5 minutes
3K.93C HDTV Broadcast Connector Series
Explore features, specifications, and specialized equipment for LEMO's hybrid HDTV compliant Broadcast Connector Series.
5 minutes
M Series
LEMO M Series connectors maintain retention in space and weight restricted vibration environments via a design containing screw coupling with a ratchet.
10 minutes
REDEL 1P and 2P Series Overview
REDEL 1P & 2P connector series are circular push-pull, self-latching, have different keyways and colors for medical safety, and are dust and splash proof.
5 minutes
00 Series NIM CAMAC
The 00 NIM CAMAC series offers compact 50 Ohm coax with push-pull latching, a broad range of housings and adapters, and premium materials.
5 minutes
K Series
The K series of connectors, a watertight version of the B series, is an excellent selection for outdoor harsh environment applications.
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LEMO ist ein weltweit führendes Unternehmen im Bereich der Konstruktion und Fertigung kundenspezifischer Präzisionsverbinder. Die hochwertigen Push-Pull-Steckverbinder von LEMO sind in einer Vielzahl anspruchsvoller Anwendungsumgebungen wie Medizintechnik, industrielle Steuerungen, Prüf- und Messtechnik, Audio/Video und Telekommunikation zu finden.

LEMO bietet mehr als 50.000 Produktkombinationen an, die fortlaufend durch kundenspezifische Designs erweitert werden.

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