TEP 150WI Series of 150W DC/DC Converters


This module will review the key features, ratings and characteristics of the TEP 150WI Series, as well as provide an overview of the design features and how it can help achieve the system level compliance.
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BildHersteller-TeilenummerBeschreibungSpannung - Eingang (min.)Verfügbare MengeDetails anzeigen
DC/DC CONVERTER 15V 150WTEP 150-2413WIDC/DC CONVERTER 15V 150W9V0Details anzeigen
DC/DC CONVERTER 24V 151WTEP 150-4815WIDC/DC CONVERTER 24V 151W18V7 - SofortDetails anzeigen
DC/DC CONVERTER 12V 150WTEP 150-2412WIDC/DC CONVERTER 12V 150W9V66 - SofortDetails anzeigen
DC/DC CONVERTER 24V 151WTEP 150-2415WIDC/DC CONVERTER 24V 151W9V138 - SofortDetails anzeigen
DC/DC CONVERTER 48V 154WTEP 150-2418WIDC/DC CONVERTER 48V 154W9V21 - SofortDetails anzeigen
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