D200 MiniSeal

D200 MiniSeal Overview

TE Connectivity Aerospace, Defense and Marine

This tutorial will cover the typical applications, some of the features and benefits, and the performance data supported by TE Connectivity's D200 MiniSeal crimp splices.
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BildHersteller-TeilenummerBeschreibungTypDurchmesserLängeVerfügbare MengeDetails anzeigen
SLDR SLV WIRE-WIRE 0.157/0.217CP5732-000SLDR SLV WIRE-WIRE 0.157/0.217"Draht an Draht0,157" (4,00mm), 0,217" (5,50mm)3,170" (80,51mm)2 - SofortDetails anzeigen
SLDR SLV WIRE-WIRE 0.356/0.413CP2695-000SLDR SLV WIRE-WIRE 0.356/0.413"Draht an Draht0,356" (9,04mm), 0,413" (10,50mm)4,250" (107,95mm)0Details anzeigen
SLDR SLV WIRE-WIRE 0.197/0.256CP5734-000SLDR SLV WIRE-WIRE 0.197/0.256"Draht an Draht0,197" (5,00mm), 0,256" (6,50mm)4,170" (105,92mm)0Details anzeigen
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