NKK SmartSwitch®

OLED & LCD Programmable Switches & Displays

By combining the functionality of an electromechanical pushbutton or rocker switch with a graphic programmable OLED or LCD display, the SmartSwitch is a space-saving, dynamic, multi-function device. A wide array of SmartSwitch products are available from full-screen OLED to compact LCD.


  • Fully programmable, HMI solution
  • Combines function keys with a versatile display
  • Capable of running full motion video
  • Tactile feel
  • LCD or OLED display

Improving user experience by simplifying the HMI design, SmartSwitch integrates easily with embedded systems to decrease complexity and increase usability.

From audio broadcast and communications systems to medical, aerospace and defense applications, implementing SmartSwitch into panel designs helps to revolutionize the switch interface.

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SmartSwitch OLED Programmables

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