Pmod™ Peripheral Modules

Open, flexible and thoughtfully designed, Digilent's Pmods are an established add-on board standard offering an ideal way to bridge programmable logic and microcontroller boards to the physical world. With Digilent's line of over 80 modules and counting, users can easily augment the capabilities of system boards by adding sensors, actuators, communication, user input and much more, all while staying within the Pmod Ecosystem. From rapid prototyping to learning the basics, it is Digilent's goal to get users up and running with useful data in just a matter of minutes.


PMODS by Function


Accessories Image

12-pin Pmod Cable Kit


Audio Image

Pmod I2S - Stereo Audio Output

Data Conversion

Data Conversion Image

Pmod DA2 - Two 12-bit D/A Outputs

Displays and LEDs

Displays and LEDs Image

Pmod MTDS - Multi-touch Display

Motor Controllers

Motor Controllers Image

Pmod HB5 - H-bridge Driver with Feedback Inputs

Pass Through

Pass Through Image

Pmod TPH2 - Test Point Header


Power Image

Pmod OC1 - Open Collector Output


Sensors Image

Pmod NAV - 9-axis IMU Plus Barometer


Storage Image

Pmod SF3 - 32 MB Serial NOR Flash

User Input

User Input Image

Pmod JSTK2 - Two-axis Joystick with Trigger Button

Wired Communication

Wired Communication Image

Pmod CAN - CAN 2.0B Controller with Integrated Transceiver

Wireless Communication

Wireless Communication Image

Pmod WiFi - WiFi Interface 802.11g

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