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KYOCERA Corporation

Image of Kyocera's K Series Clock Oscillators

K Series

The “K” Series has a frequency range of 1.5 to 80 MHz, is a CMOS output, and has a wide supply voltage of 1.6 to 3.63 V.

Image of Kyocera's 6288 Series

6288 Series

Kyocera's FPC/FFC Connectors designed for applications such as GPSs and AV equipment for automobile use or electronics for industrial and/or medical use.

Image of Kyocera's 6411 Series

6411 Series

The 6411 Series are connectors compatible with the PCI-SIG, PCI Express® M.2 specifications.

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About KYOCERA Corporation

Established in 1959, and based in Kyoto, Japan. The Electronic Components division is a leading global manufacturer and supplier of connectors, capacitors, surface acoustic wave (SAW) devices and timing devices.