XRCGB-F-H Series Crystals

Murata offers their 2016-size, high-accuracy crystals for Bluetooth® applications

Image of Murata's XRCGB-F-H Series Crystals Murata has enhanced its product lineup by commercializing their XRCGB-F-H series, 2.0 mm x 1.6 mm size, high-accuracy crystal unit for wireless devices. This product achieves ±10 ppm initial frequency tolerance and is compatible with Bluetooth® communication implemented by mobile devices and modules.

Recently, the development and spread of wireless communication-enabled devices has rapidly accelerated in the consumer product market, driving the growth of products equipped with Bluetooth® functions. This has been accompanied by a growing need to downsize mobile devices and wireless communication modules. Murata has now achieved a total frequency tolerance of ±20 ppm in the compact 2.0 mm x 1.6 mm size, which allows for mounting in Bluetooth® devices previously unachievable by existing product lines.

  • Unique packaging technology results in excellent quality, volume production, and reduced costs
  • Compact size is attractive for high-density mounting, contributing to low-profile assembled devices
  • ±20 ppm total frequency tolerance (±10 ppm initial frequency tolerance)
  • RoHS compliant
  • Bluetooth® enabled headsets
  • Audio devices
  • Modules
  • Wearable devices
  • Audio visual devices

XRRCGB-F-H Series Crystals

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionTypeAvailable QuantityView Details
CRYSTAL 24.0000MHZ 6PF SMDXRCGB24M000F1H00R0CRYSTAL 24.0000MHZ 6PF SMDMHz Crystal7819 - ImmediateView Details
CRYSTAL 25.0000MHZ 6PF SMDXRCGB25M000F1H00R0CRYSTAL 25.0000MHZ 6PF SMDMHz Crystal653 - ImmediateView Details
CRYSTAL 26.0000MHZ 6PF SMDXRCGB26M000F1H00R0CRYSTAL 26.0000MHZ 6PF SMDMHz Crystal37 - ImmediateView Details
CRYSTAL 32.0000MHZ 6PF SMDXRCGB32M000F1H00R0CRYSTAL 32.0000MHZ 6PF SMDMHz Crystal0View Details
Published: 2017-03-30