MS Series Compressed Air Preparation

Festo’s MS series service unit combinations reduce space requirements and costs

Image of Festo Corporation's MS Series Compressed Air PreparationFesto’s MS series compressed air preparation increases the service of life of components and systems while improving machine availability. Service unit combinations reduce space requirements and costs.

With the large product range, highly functional components, and a wide choice of services, the MS series offers a complete concept for compressed air preparation. For simple standard applications as well as application-specific solutions with the highest quality requirements. The option to mix sizes for maximum energy efficiency is included as standard.

  • High flow rates in a small footprint
  • Ability to customize individual components or complete assemblies
  • Integrated pressure and flow sensors
  • Designed with integrated safety functionality
  • Ability to mix sizes in a single configuration
  • Pressure and flow sensors with clear display
  • Integrable or as stand-alone version
  • Convenience and simplicity with M8/M12 plug in connectors
  • Stand-alone devices
  • Ready-to-install complete assemblies
Published: 2021-07-14