Custom Enclosures

Image of Serpac's Custom Enclosures

Digi-Key, in association with Serpac can offer you a quote on your secondary services. For more information on Serpac available options or if you need assistance, contact Please send requests or drawings to the aforementioned e-mail address.

Color Options - In addition to their standard enclosure colors, SERPAC can also accommodate custom color requirements, either in solid or opaque materials. To obtain a quotation on custom colors, send us a color chip or specify a Pantone number along with model number, quantity, and material. A minimum order of 500 pieces is required for custom colors, and quantities less than 1,000 will incur a setup charge. For Sample Colors Click Here

EMI Shielding - SERPAC enclosures can be customized to shield Electromagnetic Interference (EMI). SERPAC offers two different methods for shielding: Their most common method is to spray the interior of the enclosure with a conductive paint. While there are no minimum quantities required, a set-up fee will be applied. The second method for shielding is to mold enclosures in a conductive plastic (black only). There is a minimum order of 500 pieces, and orders less than 1,000 incur a setup charge.

Machining - SERPAC can machine a wide range of openings for your specified geometry and recess any surface to accommodate your labels or membrane switches. They can also machine internal features, including the removal or shortening of circuit board bosses or card guides. Simply provide us with a drawing and we do the rest! While there are no minimum quantities required, a set-up fee will be applied.

Guidelines to Specify Your Modifications by Machining:

  1. Dimension all geometry from center line.
  2. Allow a 0.03" (0.8mm) radius for all inside-modified corners (additional charges will apply for a smaller radius).
  3. Machined recesses cannot be more than 80% of an enclosure's wall thickness.
  4. Endless geometric options.

Modification by Mold Customization - All SERPAC enclosures are designed with customization in mind. Each enclosure has "Insert Areas" where a custom "I-Plate" can be made to your specification. Your modifications (characters, symbols, openings, and recesses) can be molded into the box, cutting down your machining costs and adding a custom look to you final product.

These I-Plates have a one-time tooling charge and are owned by you, our customer. On some of our products we also have the ability to modify the height of internal bosses to accommodate your specific application. Minimum quantities for in-mold modifications are 500 pieces with a setup charge, or 1,000 pieces with no setup.

Guidelines to Specify Your Molded-In Customizations:

  1. Please see each part number prints to locate the I-Plate. These are the only areas that can be customized by molding. If you need modification in other surfaces/areas please see Modification by Machining.
  2. Dimension all geometry from center line.
  3. Text, company, or product logo can be molded in any of the I-plate areas.
  4. Recesses cannot be more than 60% of an enclosure's wall thickness.
  5. Endless geometric options.
  6. Space between cutouts must be the thickness of the enclosure wall at minimum.
  7. I-Plates can be textured and non-textured. Textured I-Plate have a texture like the rest of the enclosure for cosmetic purposes. A non-textured I-Plate is smooth for labels or membrane switches.

Pad Printing - Customize your product by having SERPAC print your company logo, graphics, instructions, or other text directly onto your enclosure. Multiple color printing jobs are easily handled. An artwork file in (Adobe Illustrator, scaled 1:1) is required for all pad printing. Minimum line thickness for artwork is 0.01". While there are no minimum quantities required, a set-up fee will be applied.