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5 minutes
High Current Fuse Holders
This presentation will provide a basic understanding of High Current Fuses and Fuse Holders, where they are used, and Riedon’s available offerings.
10 minutes
Ammeter Shunts
This presentation will provide a better understanding of Ammeter Shunts and Riedon's available offerings.
5 minutes
Non-Inductive Thin Film Power Resistors
Able to be manufactured in any resistance value and provide excellent thermal efficiency and large power handling all within a small package.
10 minutes
LED Lighting and Resistor
Review LED operation and biasing requirements. The correct method of LED application considerations for selection are also discussed.
5 minutes
Wirewound Resistor Technology
Wirewound resistors are often the best choice when accuracy, power, and reliability are critical in an applications.
5 minutes
Power Resistor Heatsinks
Heatsink considerations for Riedon power resistor products, the concepts and methods used to determine heat sink requirements.
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About Riedon

For 45 years Riedon has been a vertically integrated, global leader in the design and manufacture of precision and power resistors. Utilizing the latest in wirewound, thin and thick film, and foil technologies, Riedon offers one of the broadest product ranges in the resistor industry.

Riedon’s technical support team, customer service center, and manufacturing operations are headquartered in Los Angeles, US, with additional manufacturing in Tecate, Mexico. In addition, their Asian market is supported by our Shanghai support center. Riedon is clearly positioned to serve the global customer. Riedon has a product portfolio in excess of 70 unique resistor series and the capability to offer custom designed products with industry best lead times. Their products can be found in applications including white goods, automotive, power supplies, telecom, industrial, medical, aerospace and military.