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CEL (California Eastern Laboratories)

Image of CEL's CMP9377

CMP9377 Dual-band a/b/g/n/ac BT5.0

Used in HOSTED architectures when performance matters, offered with USB & SDIO interfaces and supports Linux Android, Windows Operating Systems. Pre-build drivers and source code are available.

Image of CEL's Ku & K Band Low Noise GaAs LNFETs

Ku & K Band Low Noise GaAs LNFETs

Used in high-performance receivers up to 24GHz frequency, These products provide Low NF, High Gain, and are offered in cost effective Micro-X Plastic & Plastic SMD packages.

Image of CEL's RFIC Switches

RFIC Switches

CEL switches are used for diverse applications such as WLAN, mobile communications, wireless security, wireless home automation, digital TV, and many other RF applications.

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Optical Time Domain Reflectometer
CEL's portfolio of high power laser and Avalanche Photo Detectors (APD) for OTDR applications which are cost competitive and available in various form factors.
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Solid State Relays
The construction and operation of solid state relays along with precautions that must be considered when working and designing with SSRs.
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Optocouplers and Isolation Overview
How an optocoupler works, the characteristics possessed, and the options available from CEL.
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About CEL (California Eastern Laboratories)

Part of a +60-year-old wireless technology company, the Connectivity team has been providing best in class radio solutions to OEMs for over 15 years. Their product specialization is in short range wireless solutions, such as ZigBee, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, or combination technologies. CEL’s RF components provide OEMs some of the smallest packaging and highest performance devices in the market. For either product offering, their U.S.-based team works closely with customers to identify the ideal technology that delivers the optimal solution for their application, supports them vehemently through the challenges that wireless presents, and provides customers with the highest quality and performing products available in its class. Leveraging these solutions, companies are enabled to get to market fast, in a position to offer world class performing end-products and compete globally.

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