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Image of Abracon's Tiny But Mighty Collection

Tiny But Mighty™ Collection

Abracon's Tiny But Mighty™ collection showcases the best solutions for space-constrained applications.

Image of Abracon's ASPI and ASM Series

ASPI and ASM Series Inductors

Abracon's multiple series of next-generation power inductors are optimized for a wide range of applications from high power to low power.

Image of Abracon's AMJM/AMJD/AMPM/AMPD Series

AMJM/AMJD/AMPM/AMPD Series Oscillators

Abracon's AMJM, AMJD, AMPM, and AMPD series MEMS-based, power consumption optimized oscillators are ideal for industrial and consumer applications.

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Recent PTMs

5 minutes
External Antenna Series
Introduction of External GPS, GSM and combination of GPS+GSM antennas offered by Abracon.
5 minutes
ANFCA Series- NFC Antenna
Introduction to the ANFCA series, flexible peel and stick NFC antennas.
15 minutes
AMCA Series Ceramic Multilayer Chip Antenna
AMCA Series offers a range of Multilayer Chip Antennas as described by their part number code.
10 minutes
AWCCA Series: Wireless Charging Coil
Provides cost effective, high performance coils for wireless power transmitters and receiver systems.
5 minutes
ABLNO Series & Evaluation Board
Feature ultra low phase noise and exceptionally low RMS jitter. With 15 standard frequencies, their use applies to a wide variety of applications.
5 minutes
ATFC RF Thin Film Chip Inductors
The manufacturing process, advantages, performance and applications of the ATFC RF thin film chip inductors from Abracon.
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About Abracon

Abracon is an industry leader in passive components, providing specialized timing / frequency control, power magnetics, RF antenna and connectivity solutions through a global distribution network. With service, quality and technical expertise at the company’s core, Abracon enables innovative, connected IoT solutions in markets spanning data communication, transportation, industrial, medical, aerospace, defense and beyond. Abracon powers the Ecliptek, ILSI, MMD, and Oscilent brands, delivering the latest technical design support and global supply chain flexibility to solve customers’ unique challenges of today.