SMF5.0A ~ SMF170A Suppressors

MCC's TVS suppressors with excellent clamping and high surge capabilities, fast response times

Image of Micro Commercial Co's SMF5.0A ~ SMF170A SuppressorsTVS suppressors in Micro Commercial Components' SMF5.0A ~ SMF170A series are designed to protect voltage sensitive components from high voltage, high energy transients. These devices have excellent clamping and high surge capabilities as well as fast response times. Due to their small size, they are ideal for use in cellular phones, portable devices, power supplies, and many other industrial/consumer applications.


  • Standoff voltage: 5V~170V
  • Low leakage current
  • Unidirectional types available
  • Peak power rating to 200W per 10/1000μs waveform
  • ESD rating up to 16KV per HBM
  • Flat, exposed lead frame package type
  • 100% matte tin lead finish
  • Saves board space

SMF5.0A ~ SMF170A Suppressors

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionAvailable Quantity
TVS DIODE 5V 9.2V SOD123FLSMF5.0A-TPTVS DIODE 5V 9.2V SOD123FL55089 - ImmediateView Details
TVS DIODE 13V 21.5V SOD123FLSMF13A-TPTVS DIODE 13V 21.5V SOD123FL0View Details
TVS DIODE 26V 42.1V SOD123FLSMF26A-TPTVS DIODE 26V 42.1V SOD123FL844 - ImmediateView Details
TVS DIODE 43V 69.4V SOD123FLSMF43A-TPTVS DIODE 43V 69.4V SOD123FL2 - ImmediateView Details
TVS DIODE 51V 82.4V SOD123FLSMF51A-TPTVS DIODE 51V 82.4V SOD123FL2924 - ImmediateView Details
TVS DIODE 160V 259V SOD123FLSMF160A-TPTVS DIODE 160V 259V SOD123FL4647 - ImmediateView Details
Published: 2011-04-11