Acusis S Linear Microphone Array

Antimatter's Acussis S is an XMOS-based beam-forming array microphone PCB that enables robust voice capture at a distance

Image of Antimatter Research's Acusis S Linear Microphone Array Antimatter Research's Acusis S linear microphone array includes PDM microphones, XMOS XVF3500 DSP, and Philips BeClear™, working together to enhance far-field audio input for crystal-clear voice recognition. A computer will see Acusis S as a microphone as well as a speaker, allowing users to optionally pass their computer audio through it via the audio jack for echo-cancellation. It also comes with a MacOS™/Linux™/Windows™ configuration tool that allows users to fine-tune Acusis S for their desired application and environment. Acusis S works out-of-the-box with a USB cable.

Benefits and Features
  • Far-field reception
  • Automatic echo cancellation
  • Voice control
  • Beamforming
  • Dereverberation
  • Noise suppression
  • Philips BeClear Speech Processing
  • Stereo or mono pass-through
  • MIC audio out
  • Mute with indication
  • Plug and play
  • Tunable
  • USB, UAC1, and UAC2
  • PDM microphone array with XMOS DSP
  • Ideal for kiosk
  • Voice control and video conferencing/teleconference
  • Voice assistants
  • Interactive and smart monitors
  • Voice control, TVs, set-top boxes, home automation
  • Ability to cancel the computer audio output from the microphone pickup, eliminating echo
  • Voice gesture applications to eliminate touch

Acusis S Linear Microphone Array

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XMOS Microcontroller IC

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IC MCU 32BIT 2MB FLASH 167FBGAXVF3500-FB167-CIC MCU 32BIT 2MB FLASH 167FBGAActiveXCore32-Bit0View Details
Published: 2020-12-09