ESP32-PICO-KIT: Intergrated Bluetooth and WiFi Microcontroller


ESP32-PICO-KIT is an ESP32-based mini development board produced by Espressif.

The core of this board is ESP32-PICO-D4 - a System-in-Package (SiP) module with complete Wi-Fi and Bluetooth functionalities. Compared to other ESP32 modules, ESP32-PICO-D4 integrates peripheral components in one single package, which otherwise would need to be installed separately.

The development board features a USB-UART Bridge circuit which allows developers to connect the board to a computer’s USB port for flashing and debugging.

All the IO signals and system power on ESP32-PICO-D4 are led out to two rows of 20 x 0.1” header pads on both sides of the development board for easy access. For compatibility with Dupont wires, 2 x 17 header pads are populated with two rows of male pin headers. The remaining 2 x 3 header pads beside the antenna are not populated. These pads may be populated later by the user if required.


Manufacturer Espressif Systems
Category Open Source MCU Platforms
Eval Board Part Number 1904-1030-ND
Eval Board Supplier Espressif Systems
IDE Arduino IDE, with Software Add-on
Speed 160 MHz
Bits 32 Bit
Memory, Flash/RAM 4 MB / 520 kB
Digital I/O 24 I/O, 19 PWM
Interface CAN
I²C x1
I²S x1
SD Card
SPI x1
Analog Outputs (DACs) 2 x 8 Bit
Analog Inputs (ADCs) 18 x 12 Bit
DMA Channels 0
Features Cryptographic Acceleration Unit
On-Board Antenna
Power/Enable Pin
Real Time Clock
True Random Number Generator
Watch Dog Timers
Radio Bluetooth v4.2 + EDR, Class 1, 2 and 3
Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE)
Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n
Interrupt Pins 32
I/O Voltage 3.3 V
Voltage In 3.3 ~ 5 V
Touch Sensing Pins 10
Program/Debug Interface USB Type-Micro B
Area 1057² mm, 1.64² In
Main I.C. Base Part ESP32
Design Author Espressif Systems
Date Created By Author 2018-03
Date Added To Library 2019-05

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