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DER-274: 900W, 380V Out, 180 ~ 264VAC in


This document is an engineering report describing a PFC power supply utilizing a HiperPFS PFS729EG integrated PFC controller. This power supply is intended as a general purpose evaluation platform that operates from 180 VAC to 264 VAC input and provides a regulated 380 VDC output voltage and a continuous output power of 900 W.

This power supply can deliver the rated power at 230 VAC or higher input voltages at a room temperature of 25 ºC. For operation at higher ambient temperatures or lower input voltages, use of forced air cooling is recommended.

The document contains the power supply specification, schematic, bill of materials, inductor documentation, printed circuit layout, and performance data.


Manufacturer Power Integrations
Category Power Management
Sub-Category Power Factor Correction
Eval Board -
Output Power 900 W
Voltage In 180 ~ 264 VAC
Voltage Out 380 V
THD @ Conditions - Not Given
Efficiency @ Conditions >97%, 264 VAC @ 270 ~ 900 W
>97%, 230 VAC @ 170 ~ 900 W
>95%, 180 VAC @ 100 ~ 900 W
Features Current Limit (Adj. or Fixed)
Frequency Jitter for EMI
Over Current Protection
Over Voltage Protection
Thermal Protection
Under Voltage Protection, Brown-Out
Switching Frequency - Not Given
Application / Target Market Auxiliary Power Supply
LCD TV / Monitor
LED Commercial Lighting
White Goods
Component Count + Extras 54 + 38
Design Author Power Integrations
Main I.C. Base Part PFS729
Date Created By Author 2011-05
Date Added To Library 2014-08

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