MikroDRIVE Manual Datasheet by MikroElektronika

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All Mikroelektronika’s development systems feature a large number of peripheral
modules expanding microcontroller’s range of application and making the
process of program testing easier. In addition to these modules, it is also
possible to use numerous additional modules linked to the development system
through the I/O port connectors. Some of these additional modules can operate
as stand-alone devices without being connected to the microcontroller.
Additional Board
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mikroDRIVE Additional Board
The mikroDrive additional board enables digital outputs capable of providing current of only up to several milliamperes to be connected
to devices requiring driving current of up to several hundreds milliamperes (relays, coils, stepper motors, heaters, printer hammers
etc.). All this is enabled by the ULN2803 circuit provided on the mikroDrive board. This circuit is composed of 8 Darlington transistors
that can power loads up to 260 W in total (8x350 mA, 95V). All these transistors are of ‘open collector’ type with clamp diodes. The
diodes protect them against high voltage of self-induction. The mikroDrive additional board can be used as a stand-alone device
or along with some of Mikroelektronika’s development systems. This board is connected to the microcontroller’s output port via a
standard 2x5 connector.
Figure 1: mikroDRIVE additional board Figure 2: mikroDRIVE connected to a development system
Figure 3: mikroDRIVE connection schematic
Jumper J1 is used to select power supply source for
the ULN2803’s output drivers.
When this jumper is set to the VCC position, Darlington
drivers are powered with 5V (power supply voltage).
When this jumper is set to the VCC-EXT position, the
driver’s outputs are powered with voltage provided via
the CN10 connector. This voltage goes up to 50V.
Figure 4: A ULN2803’s driver connection schematic

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