/7 WM REV. Status REVISION , 12/13/01 MP REVISION A ADDED RoHS. UL LOGO 12/12/12 MP TELECOMMUNICATION MODEM TRANSFORMER COMPATIBLE WITH v.90 TECHNOLOGIES A4 ElectricaI Specifications (@ 25° C) E l: 1. Primary Impedance; 6000 g 8 2. Secondary Impedance; 6000 z 3. InsertIon Loss: IL5OdB MAX @ TKHZ, OdEIm d LI) 4. Frequency Response; i0,5dEI @ ZOOHZ to 4KHZ, OdBm g I— 5. LongItudInaI BaIance; 60dB MIN @ 60Hz to 4KHZ, OdBm I— 6, Return Loss; 14cm MIN @ ZOOHZ to 4KHz, OdBm — 7. DC Resistance: (1 —3) : 59.00 :I:‘IS% 4 (4—6) : 59.00 :15% White dot 8. Turns Ratio; (‘I—3)1(6—4)=1:I.00:I:2% “wanes pi" 1\ 9. Total Harmonic Distortion: 778dE MAX © SOOHZ, *IOdEm (78MB TYP) ‘IO. DieIectrIc Strength; ‘IB75Vrms 1 second, PrI to Sec E. Marking; TTC—SO‘I7F, TAMURA, date code and country Of OrIgIn "F" designates UL approved famIIy classIficatIon Date C. Safety; UL6095O 3rd EdItIon e) D. Schematic; 3 SEC “ 3 4 U L# EZOBSSS Country of OrIgIn 6000 6000 E. Mechanical Specificafions: 15.00[O.591]MAX — ~—14.50[0.571]MA>< 12.oo[0.47z]max="" l="" e="" o="" o="" i="" o="" 2.54[0.100]min="" i="" 0.60i0.20[0.024i0.008]="" 3="" 5.08i0.30[0.200i0.012]="" 1—3="" elf="" ,="" ,="" 51="" 10.16i0.40[0.400i01016]="" d="" —$="" i="" 7="" 7="" 5.08i0.30[0.200i0.012]="" —="" u="" d="" —f="" prepared="" by:="" 1="" t="" t="" 5="" maw="" p‘tcha‘="" 10.16i0.40[0.400:o.016]~‘="" |——="" engineer:="" ch="" control="" no.="" rev="" telecommunication="" v.90="" mathi="" pitchai="" amfigfiflgsgfiggw="" a="" modem="" transformer="" ttc—5oi="" 7="" safe”="" eng'neer="" gag???="" to;="" cuingreawvwte-ioalrj;="" mm="" won="" ofameiica="" model="" specification="" d="" j="" b.="" oconnell="" prior="" notice="" w”="" sqfls‘neeeq’eei‘zeene'="" ,gmgmgggfi="" 97“”="" dim:="" mm[in]="" sol:="" 1/1="" 5h:="" 1="" or="" 1="" approved:="" p.="" erune="" proprietary="" notice:="" this="" drawing="" print="" 0r="" document="" and="" subject="" matter="" disclosed="" herein="" are="" proprietary="" items="" to="" which="" tamura="" retains="" the="" exclusive="" right="" of="" dissemination,="" reproduction.="" manufacture="" and="" sale.="" this="" drawing.="" print="" 0r="" document="" is="" submitted="" in="" confidence="" for="" consideration="" ev="" the="" recipient="" alone="" unless="" permission="" for="" further="" disclosure="" is="" expressly="" granted="" in="" writing,="">