How You Can Prevent Damage to Your Electronics! ┃ Pomona Electronics ESD Safe Screwdriver Set

The Pomona model ESDSET6 is a six-piece set of ESD safe screwdrivers in a convenient storage case. Offers protection against electrostatic energy fields when working on ESD sensitive electronic components.

Just a Twist Away for Increased Safety ┃ Pomona Electronics 7519A TwistGuard™ Test Lead Set

Twist and Test for Measurement Versatility and Increased Safety The 7519A TwistGuard™ Test Lead Set features an adjustable probe tip shroud for use in different measurement environments. The patented design offers the versatility and quality needed.

New line of convenient and safety rated Pomona solutions

Pomona launched new products in September 2019. New products include 9 new product types, 19 products in total. Customers rely on Pomona as a single source for all their cables, connectors, and other test accessories needs.

Who is Pomona Electronics?

Pomona Electronics is the choice of Engineers and Technicians looking for reliable connectors, adapters, and cable assemblies.

Pomona DIY Connectors | Digi-Key Daily

Pomona introduces five lines of do-it-yourself quick assembly connectors with 22 connectors part numbers in total. The spring-loaded clamp designs allow for easy cable assembly and quick wire attachments up to 18 AWG wire gauges.