DM182030 Curiosity Nano Evaluation Kit | Datasheet Preview

Microchip’s DM182030 Curiosity Nano Evaluation Kit features the PIC18F57Q84 8-bit microcontroller, an award-winning MPLAB X integrated development platform, and MPLAB code configurator. The PIC18F57Q84 is a 48-pin MCU geared towards automotive and industrial applications with communication peripherals such as CAN, SPI, I2C, and UART. The kit provides access to the Intelligent analog and Core Independent Peripherals of the PIC18 MCU. While the MPLAB code configurator offers a free, graphical programming tool to configure the peripheral sets and functions specific to your application. The Curiosity Nano series of evaluation boards include an on-board debugger. No external tools are necessary to program and debug the PIC18F57Q84 MCU. This USB-powered evaluation board includes an LDO regulator that can be controlled by the on-board debugger and generates a 1.8 to 5.1 V output voltage and supports a 500 mA maximum output current.

10/18/2021 3:29:43 PM

Part List

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PIC18F57Q84-CNANODM182030PIC18F57Q84-CNANO0View Details