WE-UCF Universal Choke Filtering

Wurth Electronics' universally-applicable current-compensated choke for signal and data lines and power supplies

Image of Wurth Electronics' WE-UCF Universal Choke Filtering Signal and power supply lines superimposed with common-mode interference require current-compensated common-mode chokes whose attenuation profile extends over a wide frequency range. Wurth Electronics' WE-UCF series SMD common-mode chokes achieve significant attenuation in both the lower and higher frequency range. Compare the WE-UCF inductance values, in SMD design, with competitors. The land pattern is also identical for all designs.

  • High inductance range
  • High current range
  • Small package
  • Low profile
  • Surface-mount technology
  • Wide range of filtering spectrum
  • Filtering
  • DC power lines
  • Buck-boost converter filtering
  • Data lines with low bitrate
  • Heavily influenced lines


ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionPart StatusAvailable Quantity
CMC 120UH 5.5A 2LN SMD744290121CMC 120UH 5.5A 2LN SMDActive2683 - ImmediateView Details
CMC 320UH 3.25A 2LN SMD744290321CMC 320UH 3.25A 2LN SMDActive2358 - ImmediateView Details
CMC 100MH 150MA 2LN SMD744290104CMC 100MH 150MA 2LN SMDActive1456 - ImmediateView Details
CMC 1.5MH 1.5A 2LN SMD744290152CMC 1.5MH 1.5A 2LN SMDActive737 - ImmediateView Details
CMC 4.7MH 750MA 2LN SMD744290472CMC 4.7MH 750MA 2LN SMDActive493 - ImmediateView Details
CMC 10MH 500MA 2LN SMD744290103CMC 10MH 500MA 2LN SMDActive1347 - ImmediateView Details
CMC 13UH 10A 2LN SMD744290130CMC 13UH 10A 2LN SMDActive147 - ImmediateView Details
CMC 28MH 300MA 2LN SMD744290283CMC 28MH 300MA 2LN SMDActive141 - ImmediateView Details
CMC 68MH 200MA 2LN SMD744290683CMC 68MH 200MA 2LN SMDActive63 - ImmediateView Details
CMC 56UH 7A 2LN SMD744290560CMC 56UH 7A 2LN SMDActive0View Details
CMC 47MH 250MA 2LN SMD744290473CMC 47MH 250MA 2LN SMDActive0View Details
Published: 2014-08-05