High Coupling Version

The first fully magnetically shielded coupled inductor with molding technology for high current!

High Voltage Version

High Voltage Isolation up to 2 kV!

Demo Board - Dual-Output Isolated Buck Converter

With the High Voltage Coupled Inductor WE-CPIB HV, an additional isolated output in a buck converter can be achieved, with minimal solution size and design effort.

Demo Module Features:

  • USB powered
  • Single and Dual-output buck operation
  • Output LED indicators

Typical Applications Overview

Topology Isolation Multiple Output Output Complexity Cost Product Series Recommendation
Multi Output Buck Isolated/Non-isolated Yes Non-inverted Low Low WE-DPC HV, WE-TDC HV, WE-MTCI
Flyback Isolated/Non-isolated Yes Non-inverted Moderate Moderate WE-CPIB HV, WE-MTCI, WE-TDC HV
SEPIC Non-isolated No Non-inverted Moderate Moderate WE-DD, WE-MCRI, WE-CFWI
ZETA Non-isolated No Non-inverted Moderate Moderate WE-CFWI, WE-DCT
Cuk Non-isolated No Inverted Moderate Moderate WE-CFWI, WE-DD, WE-MCRI
High Step-up Boost Non-isolated No Non-inverted Moderate Low WE-EHPI, WE-MTCI

Product Overview

  Part Series Type Description View Details
WE-MCRI WE-MCRI High Coupling Composite core material allows high saturation current and compact design View Details
WE-CPIB HV WE-CPIB HV High Voltage Smallest Coupled Inductor with 2 kV isolation between the windings View Details
WE-TDC HV WE-TDC HV High Voltage Low profile coupled inductor with 2 kV isolation View Details
WE-DPC HV WE-DPC HV High Voltage WE-DPC HV SMD dual power choke View Details
WE-MTCI WE-MTCI Various Turn Ratio Smallest Coupled Inductor with different Turn Ratio and 0.8 kV isolation View Details
WE-EHPI WE-EHPI Various Turn Ratio Low profile, small footprint. Separated welding/soldering pad for a high reliable component View Details
WE-TDC WE-TDC Low Profile Well suited for Non-Isolated flyback converters, buck or boost with auxiliary winding View Details
WE-CFWI WE-CFWI High Current High current coupled flatwire inductor View Details
WE-DCT WE-DCT High Saturation Current The WE-DCT series is well suited for High Power switching regulators, and solar inverters View Details
WE-DD WE-DD General Purpose Coupled Inductors The WE-DD series is well suited for SEPIC and CUK topologies and flyback applications View Details