Samtec Medical Applications

Solutions for Medical Applications

High Performance & Rugged Solutions for Medical Applications

When lives are in the balance, reliable performance is always the number one priority. The medical industry is changing quickly alongside advances in technology, from retaining health records and monitoring patients to 3D imaging and robotic surgery. Medical tools and applications are getting smaller and more complex requiring high-performance solutions that are durable and lightweight. The combination of Samtec’s high-performance interconnects up to 112 Gbps PAM4 and Ultra Rugged Testing (SET, E.L.P.™ and DQT) provides quick turn, cost-effective solutions to meet the stringent quality, production and compliance requirements for medical applications.


  • Speeds up to 112 Gbps PAM4
  • Edge Rate® contacts for rugged signal integrity performance
  • Support for latest high-performance protocols (Ethernet, PCI Express®, etc.)
  • High mating cycles to 2,500
  • Tiger Eye™ contacts for reliability
  • Configurable for power and signals
  • IP67/IP68 rated systems
  • Severe Environment Tested products

Featured Solutions

ARC6/ARF6 AcceleRate® Slim Body Direct Attach Cable Assemblies

AcceleRate® is the industry’s slimmest cable system with direct attach technology and ultra-low skew twinax cable for 56 Gbps PAM4 speeds.

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SEARAY™ Open-Pin-Field Arrays

SEARAY™ high-speed, high-density arrays allow maximum grounding and routing flexibility in 0.80 mm and 1.27 mm pitches.

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SFM/TFM Tiger Eye™ Interconnect Strips

1.27 mm pitch, rugged, high reliability, high-cycle interconnects featuring Samtec’s Tiger EyeTM contact system.

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FTSH/CLP Header and Socket

FTSH/CLP headers and sockets are designed for high reliability, high-cycle applications.

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ERF8/ERM8 Edge Rate® High-Speed Contact System

0.80 mm pitch ERF8 and ERM8 series feature incredible design flexibility and are designed for high-speeds and high-cycle applications.

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HSEC8 Generate™ High-Speed Edge Card Connector

HSEC8 0.80 mm pitch edge cards use rugged Edge Rate® contacts designed for high-speed, high-cycle applications.

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LSHM Shielded Self-Mating Hermaphroditic Connectors

0.50 mm pitch, high-speed shielded Razor BeamTM hermaphroditic connectors undergo extreme testing to ensure they are more than suitable for rugged/harsh environments.

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ADF6/ADM6 AcceleRate® HD Ultra-Dense Multi-Row Arrays

0.635 mm pitch ADF6/ADM6 series features high-speed Edge Rate® contacts designed for high-speed, high-cycle applications.

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UMPS/UMPT/UMPC mPower® Ultra-Micro Power Connectors

2.00 mm pitch UMPS/UMPT/UMPC series provides 18 Amp per power blade and are designed for power only or staging a combination power and signal/ground solution.

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Equipment found in the surgical theater, from lighting and tables to monitors and robotics, requires interconnects with high reliability and the ability to withstand harsh environments. Samtec offers a variety of rugged and highperformance solutions ideal for keeping the operating room safe and efficient for both patients and healthcare workers.


Medical imaging requires high data rate solutions to quickly transmit large volumes of imagery from the device's detector to the processing unit. Samtec offers high-speed and non-magnetic interconnects for quality imaging to help diagnose, monitor and treat medical conditions.

Point of Care & Monitoring

From documentation to testing and monitoring, POC equipment streamlines the process for medical products and services to be administered to the patient without delays. Samtec offers high-speed ultra micro and RF solutions with high-reliability ideal for the portability and accuracy of POC devices to deliver data in real time.


Today's therapeutics and rehabilitation include new technology, from robotics to implantables, that require reliable solutions to assist with treating and healing disease, pain and injuries. Samtec offers rugged and ultra micro interconnects to deliver the high reliability needed to ensure patients are receiving consistent and effective therapy.

Medical Equipment

Medical equipment covers a wide range from monitors to robots but, similar solutions are required for all – high performance, reliable, rugged, lightweight and small form factors. Medical equipment is becoming more sophisticated and Samtec's high-speed, high-power and RF interconnects are ideal in applications where consistent performance is critical.

Testing and Support

Samtec’s products are tested to or beyond industry standards to ensure quality and performance in industrial applications.

Severe Environment Testing

Severe Environment Testing

Severe Environment Testing is a Samtec initiative to test our products beyond typical industry standards and specifications, many set forth by common requirements for rugged industries. Several of our products undergo additional testing to ensure they are more than suitable for industrial, military, automotive and other extreme applications.

Samtec's SET products are approved for NASA Class D missions that require high-reliability, quick-turn and cost-effective solutions for LEO and GEO satellites, SmallSats, CubeSats and other space exploration applications.

Testing Includes:

  • Mating/Unmating/Durability
  • Mechanical Shock/Random Vibration/LLCR
  • Mechanical Shock/Random Vibration/Event Detection
  • Temperature Cycling
  • Non-operating Class Temperature
  • DWV at Altitude
  • Electrostatic Discharge (ESD)
  • Outgassing
Extended Life Product

Extended Life Product™

E.L.P.™ products are tested to rigorous standards, which evaluate contact resistance in simulated storage and field conditions.

  • 10 year Mixed Flowing Gas (MFG)
  • High Mating Cycles (250 to 2,500)
  • Certain plating and/or contact options will apply
Design Qualification Testing

Design Qualification Testing

All Samtec series undergo Design Qualification Testing (DQT), which includes:

  • Gas Tight
  • Normal Force
  • Thermal Aging
  • Mating/Unmating/Durability
  • IR/DWV
  • Current Carrying Capacity (CCC)
  • Mechanical Shock/Random Vibration/LLCR
  • Mechanical Shock/Random Vibration/Event Detection

Testing Chart