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Digi-Key’s Maker Update Video Blog – Episode 1

4/11/2019 | By Maker Update

Since September of 2016, I’ve been creating a weekly video series called Maker Update as a labor of love. Previously, I had worked as a Project Editor for Make: magazine, and I wanted to take what I enjoyed most about that job -- discovering projects and the inspiring makers behind them -- and bring that to a wider, online audience.

Three years later, it’s still a show I genuinely look forward to putting together every week, and now I’m proud to bring it to Digi-Key.

I am not an engineer. I’m neither proud nor embarrassed about that fact. I’m a writer who believes that the world would be a better, more interesting place if people from every discipline were inspired to play with and create with technology.

As an outsider (young or old), getting a grasp on the world of electronics is daunting. The key to it, in my experience, is to find a project you love and let that excitement push you through all the jargon and research and mistakes required to get it done. With Maker Update, my goal is to point you to projects that will get on your to-do list and maybe even empower you with a new skill.

I hope you like the show. I read your feedback, so please leave a comment if there’s something that caught your attention, or an idea for a new segment, or even a correction if there’s something I didn’t get right. As proud as I am of this show, I’m just as proud of the community of subscribers who turn out every week to leave comments and talk about the projects. I look forward to hearing from you.