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For pricing, delivery, and ordering information, please contact Maxim Direct
at 1-888-629-4642, or visit Maxim’s website at www.maximintegrated.com.
Thermochron iButton Starter Kit
______________ General Description
The DS1921K Thermochron™ iButton® Starter Kit
provides the basic hardware for a quick evaluation of
Maxim’s Thermochron iButton family that
communicates using the 1-Wire® protocol. The kit uses
the USB port of a Microsoft Windows®-based Personal
Computer running Vista®, XP SP2 (or higher), or
Microsoft Server Operating Systems Windows 2003 or
2008. The kit includes a DS1921 Thermochron iButton
and all hardware required to communicate with it. The
DS1921K is also capable of evaluating any other
iButton, including the high-capacity Thermochrons
(DS1922L, DS1922T, and DS1923), the Hygrochron™
(DS1923), and the temperature-only iButton (DS1920).
Please note that the DS1921 is the only iButton
included in the kit. All other iButtons may be purchased
separately. The easy setup process includes the free
download of 1-Wire drivers and the OneWireViewer
demonstration software to easily communicate with
iButtons through the PC’s USB port. The download site
for the free 1-Wire drivers and bundled OneWireViewer
is found at:
For software developers who wish to create custom
iButton applications, Maxim provides documentation
and a free library of source code examples at
http://www.maxim-ic.com/ibutton under the Software
Development Kits link. Please check our website
regularly for software updates.
To evaluate plastic-packaged 1-Wire devices instead of
the iButton form factor, use the DS9090K instead of the
DS1921K. To evaluate any iButtons other than
Thermochrons, see the DS9092K.
Ordering Information
DS1921K# EV Kit
# Denotes an RoHS-compliant device that may include lead(Pb)
that is exempt under the RoHS requirements.
Starter Kit to evaluate the DS1921 Thermochron
iButton temperature recording device with a
Microsoft Windows-based PC
Easy Setup with USB Adapter
Free download of 1-Wire drivers and
OneWireViewer Demonstration Software
Compatible with other Thermochron iButtons
DS1922L, DS1922T, DS1922E, DS1923 (not
EV Kit Contents
1 DS1921G-F5# Thermochron iButton
1 DS9093F Snap-in Fob, Black
1 DS1402D-DR8 dual Blue Dot Receptor
1 DS9490R USB to 1-Wire adapter
Windows and Vista are registered trademarks of Microsoft Corp.
1-Wire and iButton are registered trademarks of Maxim Integrated Products, Inc.
Thermochron, Blue Dot, and Hygrochron are trademarks of Maxim Integrated Products, Inc.
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Thermochron iButton Starter Kit
__________________Getting Started
Go to http://www.maxim-ic.com/1-wiredrivers and
download the latest 1-Wire drivers with bundled
OneWireViewer demonstration software. Follow
the instructions on the download site for selecting
the correct driver package and to start the
installation wizard.
IMPORTANT: Do not install the DS9490R into
your USB port until you have completed the
installation wizard in the previous step.
After running the 1-Wire installation wizard, make
sure you have internet available and plug the
DS9490R USB adapter in to a free USB port in
your PC. Windows will continue the installation of
the USB driver but first search the Microsoft web-
site for updates. If you do not have internet
available, the USB driver installation process can
hang up for more than 10 minutes before it times
Plug the RJ-11 Modular connector of the
DS1402D-DR8 Blue Dot Receptor into the
DS9490R USB adapter.
Optionally snap the iButton into the key fob. This
makes easier removal of the iButton from the Blue
Dot Receptor.
Start OneWireViewer software by clicking on its
icon. This application may also be found under
Microsoft Start under the folder ‘‘1-Wire Drivers
Snap the iButton (optionally with key fob) into the
Blue Dot Receptor and you will see its address
displayed. Click on the address to access
screens that show all the functions of each
iButton. Then, follow the instructions for
missioning and reading the contents of a
For more details on using the OneWireViewer, please
see the following application notes:
Application Note 437 3: OneWire Viewer and
iButton® Quick Start Guide
Application Note 335 8: OneWireViewer Users
Application Note 380 9: E xporting DS192x Logger
Data from the OneWireViewer into Excel
__________Software Development
For developing applications for the Thermochron as
well as other iButtons, Maxim offers three software
development kits (SDKs):
1-Wire SDK for Windows. This SDK is aimed
primarily at PC host environments running Microsoft
Windows. The kit contains sample programs in C#,
VB.NET, VB 6.0, C, and Delphi, along with HTML
documentation for help in utilizing our Windows APIs.
These APIs include the 1-Wire API for .NET, the much
smaller 1-Wire API for Microsoft’s Compact .NET
Framework (Windows CE/Mobile), and the TMEX API
at the lowest level. The source to the Hygrochron
Viewer is offered in this particular kit (in C#) to
demonstrate DS1922L/T/E iButtons, along with the
DS1923 humidity logging iButton. Download here:
1-Wire API for Java. This is the foundation for
developing robust 1-Wire and iButton software on
platforms that have a Java Virtual Machine. It includes
the above-mentioned OneWireViewer utility and its
Java source code. It can be found here:
1-Wire Public Domain Kit. This kit includes a public
domain API and example programs written entirely in
C and designed to be portable across multiple
computer operating systems, handheld operating
systems, and microcontroller platforms. The kit
contains many sample 1-Wire applications written in
C. See the ‘‘humalog’’ and ‘‘thermo’’ Thermochron
examples. The SDK’s download page is here:
Maxim Integrated
I‘I maxim Integrated”
Thermochron iButton Starter Kit
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