DR-25 Drawing Datasheet by TE Connectivity Aerospace, Defense and Marine

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Specification Control Drawing
TE Connectivity
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Menlo Park, CA 94025 USA
Title: DR-25
Heat - Shrinkable Tubing
TE Connectivity reserves the right to amend this drawing at
any time. Users should evaluate the suitability of the product
for their application
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Heat - Shrinkable Tubing
Table 1: Dimensions (inches)
As Supplied Recovered
Size Expanded I.D.
Minimum (D)
Recovered I.D.
Maximum (d)
Recovered Wall
1/8 .125 .062 .030 ± .007
3/16 .187 .094 .033 ± .007
1/4 .250 .125 .035 ± .007
Color: Black
Requirements: Shall meet all the requirements of RT-1116, except as follows:
Flammability: Shall be self-extinguishing when tested as follows:
An 18-inch specimen of tubing shall be recovered over a 21-inch metal
rod with a diameter equivalent to the maximum recovered diameter
specified above. The specimen then shall be subjected to the vertical
test in accordance with ASTM D 2671, Procedure B. The tubing shall be
considered self-extinguishing only if it extinguishes within 1 minute after
the final removal of the gas flame, and if not more that 25 percent of the
indicator flag is burned or charred. Brown scorching or soot on the
indicator flag shall not be cause for rejection.
Low Temperature Flexibility: Shall be in accordance with RT-1116, paragraph 4.3.3, using a 3/8 inch
Shore Hardness: Shall not apply.