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Raspberry Pi Announces New RP2040 Pico Variants

Following on the popularity of the Pico and RP2040, Raspberry Pi has announced three new Pico boards, two of which have onboard wireless LAN and Bluetooth.

NexCOBOT - MiniBOT Coffee Maker in War Room Hwaya Factory

Watch MiniBOT in action take coffee orders from brewing to serving.

SCHURTER - A globally successful Swiss family business

Since 1933, SCHURTER has been producing in the middle of the city of Lucerne, in the heart of Switzerland. Watch this video to learn more about the headquarters in Lucerne.

Capacitive Key Solutions

Watch this video and find out how making life easier is just a touch away by using SCHURTER’s capacitive keys. Custom developed, with a modern look and feel and fully meeting the most demanding requirements.

PCAP Touchscreen Solutions

At our high-end production facilities, we produce small to large series of customized PCAP touchscreens. In close cooperation with the customer, we develop input systems including displays and electronics, for the most demanding applications.

Create Custom Characters using a Common 16x2 Liquid Crystal Display

In this blog we'll explore the data format common character LCDs expect and review Arduino code that generates and displays custom characters.

Understanding Standard Character LCD Communication Protocol

Look at the underlying communication protocol implemented by these displays to learn how you can use these LCDs, even in projects without a microcontroller.

Introducing the Arduino Nicla Vision Board for Professional Machine-Vision Applications

This compact industrial-grade device includes an onboard color camera and offers the processing power to make sense of the images picked up by the camera.

Popular Board Interconnect Systems and How They Benefit Makers

Learn how connector ecosystems, like Qwiic, Grove, STEMMA and Gravity make it easy to quickly prototype projects without creating a rat’s nest of wires.

Image of NKK's M Series/S Series Dual Seal Waterproof Toggles M Series/S Series Dual Seal Waterproof Toggles Publish Date: 2022-04-28

NKK's dual seal waterproof toggles include the M series and the S series offering highly reliable, double layer waterproof IP rated construction.

Image of E-Switch's Mid-Size Tact Switch with High Actuator TL6170 Series Mid-Size Tact Switch with High Actuator Publish Date: 2022-04-27

E-Switch's TL6170 series of tact switches provide an operating force of 250 gf and a 12 VDC contact rating.

Image of ILLUMRA's BTT-S1AWH/BTT-S2AWH Wireless Dimming Light Switches BTT-S1AWH/BTT-S2AWH Wireless Dimming Light Switches Publish Date: 2022-04-21

ILLUMRA’s BTT-S1AWH and BTT-S2AWH wireless dimming light switches transmit a Bluetooth® signal that is compatible with Casambi and Silvair systems.

Visual Signaling for Informed Management of Production Lines Publish Date: 2022-04-20

Visual signaling components quickly and effectively communicate machine data and other actionable information to personnel through lights or other visual means.

Image of NKK Switches' KP04 Series Illuminated Surface-Mount Pushbutton Switches KP04 Series Illuminated Surface-Mount Pushbutton Switches Publish Date: 2022-04-08

NKK Switches' KP04 series pushbutton switches facilitate diminished board and material handling expenses.

Image of Honeywell's Micro Switch 2CCP Cable-Pull Safety Switch Micro Switch 2CCP Cable-Pull Safety Switch Publish Date: 2022-03-17

This presentation will introduce the dual span cable pull discussing the purpose of a cable pull switch, talk about market trends driving this product development and then the features and benefits of the 2CCP.

Duration: 5 minutes
Image of C&K's K12S Series Key Switch K12S Series Key Switch Publish Date: 2022-03-14

C&K's K12S series key switch is an illuminated keyswitch that provides an excellent tactile feel for the user.

The Do’s and Don'ts of Using Arduino Interrupts

This article introduces some best practices when working with interrupt handlers and discusses a few things you should not do inside an ISR.

Image of Panasonic's ASQM1 and ASQMR1 Series Sealed Mini Snap Action Switches ASQM1 and ASQMR1 Series Sealed Mini Snap-Action Switches Publish Date: 2022-03-08

Panasonic's ASQM1 and ASQMR1 series sealed mini snap-action switches contribute to device miniaturization and decreased weight.

Image of C&K's ATPS22 Series Anti-Vandal Switch ATPS22 Series Anti-Vandal Switches Publish Date: 2022-03-04

C&K's ATPS22 anti-vandal short body sealed pushbutton switch withstands deliberate damage and vandalism, reducing costly in-field repairs and product recalls.

Image of C&K's ZMT Series Sealed Subminiature Snap Switches ZMT Series Sealed Subminiature Snap Switches Publish Date: 2022-03-02

C&K's ZMT series sealed subminiature snap switches are an excellent solution for module mechanisms in automotive and medical applications.