RFID Solutions for Retail

Murata’s RFID solutions give the user the ability to follow a product's data journey from the production to the store shelf. Increasing inventory accuracy and sales, reducing processing time and inaccuracies.

How RFID creates value in Retail

Supply Chain, Retail and Omni channeling require accuracy and real-time visibility. RFID enables this accuracy and real-time visibility when RFID rough data is turned into value added information.

On-Metal UHF RAIN RFID Tag | Datasheet Preview

The On-Metal UHF RAIN RFID tag, from Murata, allows for multiple tags to be read from a distance.

The Measurement Process for the Drive Level

Drive level means the power consumption of the crystal unit while the oscillation circuit is in operation and it is one of the parameters listed in the datasheet. We would like to explain the measurement process for the drive level.

The Measurement Process for the Oscillation Margin

What is the Oscillation margin? Oscillation margin provides the limit at which oscillation stops. This is one of the most important parameters for the oscillation circuit. We would like to explain the measurement process.

The Oscillation Characteristics & Circuit Constants

Here you will learn the effects of changing the damping resistance and load capacitance value. It is necessary to select the optimal circuit constants while checking the balance of each oscillation characteristic.

The Oscillation Frequency Measurement

The oscillation frequency refers to the actual frequency of the oscillation circuit when the crystal is implemented. But the characteristics of the microcomputer, external load capacitance, and stray capacitance of the PCB must be taken into account.

The Role of Oscillation Circuit Components

Murata has lots of IC characterization experience for automotive and industrial applications and would like to introduce our IC and crystal characterization process to avoid these problems and get stable oscillation.

32,768-kHz-MEMS-SMD-Resonator | Datasheet Preview

Der 32.768 Kilohertz MEMS SMD Resonator von Murata, bietet ein innovatives, platzsparendes Konzept zur Senkung des Stromverbrauchs und zur Kostenminderung.

How to Use SimSurfing DC-DC Converter Design Support Tool

Here is a brief explanation of the procedure on how to select the optimal power inductors to satisfy the operating conditions of a DC-DC converter via our DC-DC converter design support tool.

How to Use SimSurfing Noise Filter Design Support Tool

Here is the brief explanation of the procedure on how to conduct the automatic formation of a Noise Filter to suppress the noise at a desired frequency range or circuit condition.

Murata SCA3300 MEMS Accelerometer | Digi-Key Daily

Murata introduces the SCA3300 series high-performance, 3-axis MEMS accelerometers aimed at a broad range of industrial and automotive applications.

Murata RFID solution

Introducing the Murata’s offerings of one-stop RFID service.

Murata’s switch connectors are a great way to contribute to more efficient circuit measurements for improved performance

This video shows how Murata’s RF switch connectors function and the advantages of using them in a variety of applications. Adding these connectors to an RF circuit offer quick and easy test points for accurately testing a partial or entire circuit!

Murata LXRW Series Variable Capacitors | Digi-Key Daily

LXRW series of ultra-small variable capacitors from Murata makes the implementation and tuning of the NFC antenna much easier than ever before.

High Drain Lithium Coin Batteries (CR) for IoT Devices

Excellent high-current discharge performance to support Low Power Wide Area (LPWA) data transmission.

Extended Temperature Lithium Coin Batteries for IoT Devices

Recommend for automotive & outdoor devices (Factory Automation, Keyless Entry/Smart Key, TPMS/Tire Pressure Monitoring System and Smart Meters). Leveraging muRata’s heat resistant battery engineering design and utilization technologies.

High Drain Lithium Coin Batteries for IoT Devices

Excellent high-current discharge performance to support Low Power Wide Area (LPWA) data transmission.

Murata XRCGB-F-H Series | Digi-Key Daily

Murata's XRCGB-F-H series achieves ±10 ppm initial frequency tolerance and is compatible with Bluetooth® communication implemented by mobile devices and modules.

Explanation video of BCG application

Learn about SCA11H Accelerometers and the BCG application.