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Raspberry Pi offers their latest product in the Raspberry Pi 3 range, the Raspberry Pi 3 Model B+. This single board computer touts a 1.4 GHz (pronounced: gigahertz) 64-bit quad-core processor, a dual-band wireless LAN (pronounced: lan), Bluetooth 4.2 and BLE (pronounced: "B" "L" "E"), a faster Ethernet, and PoE (pronounced: "P" "O" "E") capability by use of a PoE hat. The Raspberry Pi 3 Model B+ has undergone modular compliance certification, which allows the board to be designed into end products with significantly reduced wireless LAN compliance testing, while improving upon both cost and time-to-market. The Raspberry Pi 3 Model B+ is able to offer all these updates while still maintaining the same mechanical footprint as both the Raspberry Pi 2 Model B and the Raspberry Pi 3 Model B.

6/1/2018 2:07:13 PM

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