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Delta presents its latest series of heaters designed with intelligent energy usage in mind. These smarter, compact and low-noise thermal solutions utilize positive temperature coefficient heating elements to ensure that chosen temperatures are maintained, avoiding costly waste from continuous heating operation. The usage of PTC heating elements protects the heater for longer use between maintenance cycles by avoiding overheating and burnout from unnecessary overuse, therefore allowing electronics to maintain optimal operating temperatures for longer times despite low temperature environments. Also, Delta engineers have crafted this PTC-based heater series with additional and multiple safety protection features including a mechanical temperature switch, NTC sensor, and fuse. And as a package, this heater series offers reliable, durable, and energy-efficient operation without compromising performance.

3/20/2019 1:29:15 PM

Part List

BildHersteller-TeilenummerBeschreibungVerfügbare MengeDetails anzeigen
AC 220V HEATER 500WHEH050BAAC 220V HEATER 500W8 - SofortDetails anzeigen
AC 220V HEATER 1000WHEH100BAAC 220V HEATER 1000W4 - SofortDetails anzeigen
DC 48V HEATER 500WHEH050PADC 48V HEATER 500W7 - SofortDetails anzeigen
DC 48V HEATER 1000WHEH100PADC 48V HEATER 1000W10 - SofortDetails anzeigen
DC 48V HEATER 1000W (RACK-MOUNTHEH100PBDC 48V HEATER 1000W (RACK-MOUNT5 - SofortDetails anzeigen