System Integration: Touch Screens & Displays

BOPLA integrate touch screens / displays into virtually all standard and custom enclosures for you. They use this for a sealant technology developed and legally protected by BOPLA.

2/22/2018 9:14:47 PM

Part List

BildHersteller-TeilenummerBeschreibungVerfügbare MengeDetails anzeigen
BOX ALUM NAT 39.37001100608BOX ALUM NAT 39.37"L X 6.48"W0Details anzeigen
BOX ALUM UNPAINTED 1.97010505038BOX ALUM UNPAINTED 1.97"LX1.77"W0Details anzeigen
BOX ALUM GRAY 4.53010612000BOX ALUM GRAY 4.53"L X 2.52"W0Details anzeigen
BOX ALUM GRAY 7.28010619000BOX ALUM GRAY 7.28"L X 2.52"W0Details anzeigen
BOX ALUM GRAY 7.28010619030BOX ALUM GRAY 7.28"L X 2.52"W0Details anzeigen
BOX ALUM UNPAINTED 7.28010619038BOX ALUM UNPAINTED 7.28"LX2.52"W0Details anzeigen
BOX ALUM UNPAINTED 7.87011020088BOX ALUM UNPAINTED 7.87"LX3.94"W0Details anzeigen
BOX ALUM GRAY 4.8011212090BOX ALUM GRAY 4.8"L X 4.72"W0Details anzeigen
BOX ALUM UNPAINTED 8.66011222088BOX ALUM UNPAINTED 8.66"LX4.72"W0Details anzeigen
BOX ALUM UNPAINTED 5.51011414098BOX ALUM UNPAINTED 5.51"LX5.51"W0Details anzeigen
BOX ALUM UNPAINTED 7.87011420098BOX ALUM UNPAINTED 7.87"LX5.51"W0Details anzeigen
BOX ALUM UNPAINTED 22.05011656098BOX ALUM UNPAINTED 22.05"LX6.3"W0Details anzeigen
BOX ALUM GRAY 9.06012310110BOX ALUM GRAY 9.06"L X 3.94"W0Details anzeigen
BOX ALUM UNPAINTED 9.06012310118BOX ALUM UNPAINTED 9.06"LX3.94"W0Details anzeigen
BOX ALUM UNPAINTED 9.13012320188BOX ALUM UNPAINTED 9.13"LX7.95"W0Details anzeigen
BOX ALUM GRAY 23.62012360110BOX ALUM GRAY 23.62"L X 9.06"W0Details anzeigen
BOX ALUM UNPTD 23.62012360118BOX ALUM UNPTD 23.62"L X 9.06"W0Details anzeigen
BOX ALUM GRAY 15.91013140230BOX ALUM GRAY 15.91"L X 12.32"W0Details anzeigen
BOX ALUM UNPTD 23.62013160118BOX ALUM UNPTD 23.62"L X 12.21"W0Details anzeigen