ThermaShield Tube

Reflective, aluminized, and surface bonded to insulating fiberglass, from Techflex

Image of Techflex's ThermaShield TubeTechflex's Thermashield creates a buffer between wires, hoses, and cables and the high temperature environments in which they are required to perform. ThermaShield is engineered by laminating an aluminum heat shield to a layer of strong fiberglass insulation. This system provides superior protection from radiant heat by reflecting it away from sensitive electronics, wiring, and hoses.

Thermashield Tube (TTN grade) is designed to easily slip over wires or hoses. The seamless construction provides full coverage and protection, and the flexible sleeving cuts easily with scissors.

  • Reflects radiant heat
  • Economical and simple to install
  • Cuts easily with scissors
  • Insulates delicate wires and components
  • Resists gasoline and engine chemicals
Veröffentlicht: 2012-06-29