Bench Mount Hot Knife

Techflex's bench mount hot knife is ideal for production environments

Image of Techflex's Bench Mount Hot KnifeTechflex's bench mount hot knife is a tool with a narrow metal strip that is heated to a temperature sufficiently high enough to melt the polymer filaments of most types of braided sleeving. This melting not only cuts the sleeving to the desired length, but also fuses the loose ends of the filaments together to prevent fraying of the cut end during installation and use. A hot knife speeds production by allowing sleeving to be cut in advance, and the precut lengths can be installed at any time without concerns that the material will fray or unravel. 

  • Heavy duty components
  • Heavy gauge 2 1/2" blade
  • Lighted power switch
  • Heats to 1,112°F/600°C in 30 seconds
  • Replaceable blades
  • 110 V operation


Veröffentlicht: 2011-01-25