Surface Mount Coin Cell Battery Holder

MPD and Digi-Key introduce a high performance Liquid Crystal Polymer Surface Mount Coin Cell Battery Holder with exceptional strength

Memory Protection Devices' Surface Mount Coin Cell Battery HolderMemory Protection Devices' model BU2032SM-HD-G has 30% better shock resistance than previous models and is designed for medical equipment and hand held portable devices requiring high reliability. This holder is manufactured with DuPont Zenite, a high performance liquid crystal polymer. The plastic is ultra light weight with exceptional strength and rated for greater than 300°C. Dual beam positive and negative contacts are gold plated phosphor bronze with low contact resistance. In addition these contacts feature sliding wipe action for a reliable connection. The positive contact force exceeds 500 g against the battery providing intermittent free operation. Designed for automation and packaged in tape and reel for quick placement, standards 13" reels are made to EIA-481 specifications and hold 400 pieces. The BU2032SM-HD-G is RoHS compliant for worldwide sales.


  • Holder material: 30% glass reinforced liquid
  • Color: White
  • Contact: 0.020" thick PHOS-BRONZE, gold flash
  • Vibration test: 10-15-10 Hz swept in 60 seconds X, Y, Z direction: 1 hour each direction
  • Shock test: Half sine wave acceleration 150 G. 6 micro-seconds 3 shock pulses each direction per axis, total of 18 pulses
  • Temperature range: -40°C to +280°C

Coin Cell Battery Holder

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BATTERY HOLDER COIN 20MM SMDBU2032SM-HD-GBATTERY HOLDER COIN 20MM SMD65179 - Lagerbestand des HerstellersDetails anzeigen
Veröffentlicht: 2013-07-02