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Donald Bell Maker Update Episode 35: Bounce With Me

3/12/2020 | By Staff

This week on Maker Update, an octo-bouncer, what’s up with Maker Faire Bay Area, a Lego robot rickshaw, Diresta’s bandsaw bot, a 3D printed snorkel, nibblers and nunchucks.

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++Show Notes [Maker Update #165]++

Donald's Cocktail Robot FB Page

-=Project of the Week=-

The Octo-Bouncer by Tobias Kuhn of Electron Dust

See also: Ball Balancing PID System By Johan Link


What’s Up With Maker Faire Bay Area This Year?

-=More Projects=-

LEGO Adam Savage Robot Rickshaw by JK Brickworks

DiResta Bandsaw Bot [In 1 Take]

3D Printed Snorkel By rabbitcreek


Introducing Raspberry Pi Imager, our new imaging utility

Nickel Plated Nibbling Tool

Adam Savage's Favorite Tools: Jewelry Clamps

Ninja Your Old Wii Nunchuck into Your Next Project!

SparkFun Launches "a Better Uno" with the Arduino-Compatible SparkX BlackBoard C

-=Digi-Key Spotlight=-

Gesture Recognition – Tech Basics



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