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Our Learn section is all about helping you understand certain aspects around the use of electronic components, from simple electronic theory, circuit analysis, and fun ways to enhance your ability to shorten your time to create a working project.

Check our blogs, videos and projects at the links below:

Tech Basics Videos

Stepper Motors

Servo Motors for Motion Control

Getting Started With Addressable LEDs


Another Teaching Moment Videos

Circuit Breaker Basics

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How to Choose a Relay

Relay Basics

Switch Basics

How to Measure Voltage, Current, and More with a Digital Multimeter (DMM)

What is Auto vs. Manual Ranging: Multimeters

How Does the Hall Effect Work?

How to Apply Ohm's Law to Series and Parallel Circuits

How to set up DK Data Plan SIM Card

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How to Connect Batteries in Series and Parallel Configurations

Raspberry Pi 3B+ and the new Pi 3A+ Functional Comparison

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Methods for Loading logos into Eagle

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Methods for Connecting your Raspberry Pi to your Computer

How to Test and Identify Types of Fuses

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How to Repair Broken Traces

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How to Test Multilayer Ceramic Capacitors (MLCCs) Correctly

How to Solder

How to Splice and Tap Wires