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CapSense Proximity Shield Features:
1 proximity loop for large proximity-sensing distance (~10 cm)
4 proximity sensors for horizontal and vertical gesture detection
Driven shield for large proximity-sensing distance/liquid tolerance
1 slide switch to evaluate performance difference between
ground and driven shield
6 Blue color LEDs
ArduinoTM compatible headers
Clamshell Box Quick Start Guide
Liquid Dropper
CapSense® Proximity Shield
The CapSense Proximity Shield is intended to be used with the Cypress PSoC® Pioneer Kits
to showcase the proximity sensing capabilities of CapSense in Cypress PSoC products
Download the Proximity sensing example projects from the web page and unzip it:
Connect the CapSense Proximity Shield to the CY8CKIT-042 PSoC 4 Pioneer Kit or the
CY8CKIT-040 PSoC 4000 Pioneer Kit. While using the CY8CKIT-040 remove the LED
power jumper (J14) before connecting the Proximity Shield
Connect the USB cable from the PC to the CY8CKIT-040 or the CY8CKIT-042
Launch PSoC Programmer from the Start menu.
- Go to Start > All Programs > Cypress > PSoC Programmer Using the 'File Load'
button, navigate to the Hex Files folder downloaded from the web page and select
'Proximity_Distance_040.hex' for the CY8CKIT-040 or 'Proximity_Distance_042.hex'
for the CY8CKIT-042
Click the ‘Program’ button on PSoC Programmer. After successful programming, hover
your hand over the CapSense Proximity Shield and observe the brightness of the LEDs
increase as the hand approaches the board
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For more information about the CY8CKIT-024 CapSense Proximity Shield please visit
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Note: Place the board on a metal free surface to avoid false triggers on proximity sensors
CY8CKIT-042 with
CapSense Proximity Shield
CY8CKIT-040 with
CapSense Proximity Shield