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Version 0.1 January 2017
Handling Instructions
For SDP800 Series Differential Pressure Sensors
This document gives guidelines on how to handle the
sensor during storage, assembly and use. Qualification
of the assembly process and correct implementation
and usage of the sensor is the responsibility of the user.
It is important to note that the SDP800 Series sensor is
not a standard electronic component, but an advanced
and thus inherently sensitive sensor, which needs - in
contrast to standard electronics - interaction with the
environment. The sensor is pre-calibrated and it is
assumed that its physical characteristics don’t change
during assembly and use. If the physical characteristics
of the sensor change due to mechanical or thermal
stress, the calibration might not be valid anymore or in
extreme cases the sensor might even be destroyed.
The same applies to contamination of the sensor.
The most critical step during assembly is soldering of
the sensor. Extra care needs to be taken during this
process. Also any process inducing dust should
generally be avoided.
This document is applicable to all Sensirion SDP800
Series differential pressure sensors.
General Requirements
Any dust, spraying or coating contamination on the
sensor must be prevented, especially on the connection
ESD Protection
The sensor shall be protected from ESD (Electrostatic
Discharge) and only be handled in ESD protected areas
under protected and controlled conditions (ground all
personnel with wrist-straps, ground all non-insulating
and conductive objects, exclude insulating materials
from the EPA, operate only in grounded conductive
floor, etc.). Protect sensor outside the EPA using ESD
protective packaging.
Protection against ESD is mandatory.
Packing and Storage
Long term storage must be at a temperature between
10°C and 40°C. Short term storage between -40°C and
85°C is acceptable.
Before developing the assembly process please read
the soldering instructions of the datasheet carefully. In
the following, crucial items are underlined plus
additional recommendations are given:
Soldering method
Standard wave soldering systems may be used.
Reflow and vapor phase soldering must not be used.
Moisture Sensitivity Level
Since the SDP800 Series sensor cannot be reflow
soldered the sensor does not have an MSL rating.
However, for storage and handling the sensor can be
considered to be compatible with MSL1.
Protection Against Contaminants
Assure that the ports of the sensor are well protected
during assembly and soldering so that no dust, solder
flux, conformal coating, or other liquids can enter the
flow channel of the sensor.
Mechanical stress
No mechanical stress shall be applied to any part of the
sensor during assembly or usage. Especially, no force
shall be applied to the sensor pins.
SDP800 Series Handling Instructions
Version 0.1 January 2017
Depaneling & Mounting
Any depanel or separation process of the PCB after
soldering of the sensor must be done with special care.
Handle the PCB with the ports facing downwards or
ensure that the ports are covered if any dust is created
by the depaneling process. During mounting and once
integrated into a device, mechanical stress on the
sensor should be avoided. Sensirion recommends
sealing radially on the connection ports with a soft
Application in Extreme Environment
Avoid any kind of liquid, fatty and oil emulsive vapors
inside the flow channel. If exposed to such conditions, it
cannot be guaranteed that the sensors have no drift.
Protect the sensor from dust, which could enter into the
flow channel.
Avoid condensation inside the sensor. After condensed
water has completely evaporated, the sensor will be
fully functional again.
The sensor is specified for operation in air, N2 or O2.
Avoid aggressive or etching substances such as H2O2
or NH3.
Application of Sensirion differential pressure sensors to
harsh environment must be carefully tested and
qualified. The user is responsible for qualification of the
sensor for use in a harsh environment.
The above given restrictions, recommendations,
materials, etc. do not cover all possible cases and
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SDP800 Series Handling Instructions
Version 0.1 January 2017
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