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Part Number Explanation - IDC Socket Example PN 3030-10-0101-00 3030:5eries 10:Number of Positions 0101:Features o 0101: Feed Through 0102: Feed Through, Polarizing Key 0103: Polarizing Key, Strain Relief 0104: Feed Through, Strain Relief 00:Contact Finish 0 00: Gold Flash . 99: Tin 80uin (2.03pm) 3010:Series 10:Number of Positions 001:Mounting c 001: Through Hole 0 002: c 003: Surface Mount 13: Fastening Type c 11: No Latch Lock 0 12: c 13 : Latch Lock/Eject Hooks, Long 00:Contact Finish c 00: Gold Flash . 99: Tin 80uin (2.03pm) 3030 Series Mating Part Numbers 30307XX701017XX 3010*XX70017127XX 30107XX70027127XX 30107XX70037127XX 30107XX70017117XX 3020*ALL 30307XX701027XX 30307XX701037XX 3010*XX70017137XX 30107XX70027137XX 30107XX70037137XX 30107XX70017117XX 3020*ALL 30307XX701047XX 3130 Series Mating Part Numbers 31307XX701017XX 3110*XX70017127XX 30107XX70027127XX 31107XX70037127XX 30107XX70017117XX 3120*ALL 31307XX701027XX 31307XX701037XX 3110*XX70017137XX 31107XX70027137XX 31107XX70037137XX 31107XX70017117XX 3120*ALL 3 1307XX701047XX 3230 Series Mating Part Numbers 32307XX701017XX 3210*XX70017117XX 32107XX70017127XX 32107XX70027127XX 32107XX70037127XX 3221*ALL and 3220*ALL 32307XX701027XX 32307XX701037XX 3221*ALL 3 2307XX701047XX
Part Number Explanation - Header
Example PN 3010-10-001-13-00
10=Number of Positions
Example PN 3030-10-0101-00 001=Mounting
001= Through Hole
002= Through Hole, Right Angle
003= Surface Mount
0101= Feed Through 13= Fastening Type
0102= Feed Through, Polarizing Key
11= No Latch Lock
0103= Polarizing Key, Strain Relief
12= Latch Lock/Eject Hooks, Short
0104= Feed Through, Strain Relief
13 = Latch Lock/Eject Hooks, Long
00=Contact Finish 00=Contact Finish
00= Gold Flash 00= Gold Flash
99= Tin 80µin (2.03µm)
99= Tin 80µin (2.03µm)
3030 Series
3030-XX-0101-XX 3010-XX-001-12-XX 3010-XX-002-12-XX 3010-XX-003-12-XX 3010-XX-001-11-XX 3020-ALL
3030-XX-0103-XX 3010-XX-001-13-XX 3010-XX-002-13-XX 3010-XX-003-13-XX 3010-XX-001-11-XX 3020-ALL
3130 Series
3130-XX-0101-XX 3110-XX-001-12-XX 3010-XX-002-12-XX 3110-XX-003-12-XX 3010-XX-001-11-XX 3120-ALL
3130-XX-0103-XX 3110-XX-001-13-XX 3110-XX-002-13-XX 3110-XX-003-13-XX 3110-XX-001-11-XX 3120-ALL
3230 Series
3230-XX-0101-XX 3210-XX-001-11-XX 3210-XX-001-12-XX 3210-XX-002-12-XX 3210-XX-003-12-XX 3221-ALL and 3220-ALL
3230-XX-0103-XX 3221-ALL
Part Number Explanation - IDC Socket
10=Number of Positions
Mating Part Numbers
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Mating Part Numbers
Mating Part Numbers