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Building a Bridge to Next-Gen Fleet Connectivity

A Practical Checklist of Best Practices for Upgrading Fleet Antenna Systems

Keeping the Signal Strong

A Practical Guide to FirstNet-Ready Connectivity for Public Safety Vehicles and Buildings

Industry Comparison - Barracuda Vehicular 6 Port

This paper offers an RF performance comparison between the Laird Connectivity Barracuda (VFH69383B23JW) and another well-known industry antenna.

Going the Distance: Four Approaches for Expanding the Range of Bluetooth

This white paper outlines four approaches to extend the range of Bluetooth for wirelessly connected devices and is designed to use as a practical guide for navigating that process.

Combining Bluetooth and Low Power Cellular for IoT

This white paper is the third in a series of guides that provide product engineers with practical advice on how to take advantage of the capabilities of the low power cellular protocols LTE-M and NB-IoT

Moving Beyond Zigbee

Although Zigbee is a powerful protocol for M2M communications, it may not be the ideal module for Star Networks.

Automotive EMI Shielding

This white paper discusses how to control automotive electronic emissions and susceptibility with proper EMI suppression methods.

802.11n Business-Critical Mobile Devices

This white paper explains how the 802.11n standard can be beneficial in business-critical mobile devices.

Bluetooth Wi-Fi Coexistence

This document describes the challenges of Bluetooth and Wi-Fi transmissions interference and gives suggestions on how these signals can coexist.

802.11n Medical Devices

This white paper explains how the 802.11n standard can be beneficial in medical devices.

Bluetooth Smart Ready

This article discusses Bluetooth Smart and Bluetooth Smart Ready devices and how they work together.

Cisco Compatible Extensions in Medical

This white paper explains why Cisco Compatible Extension (CCX) specification is beneficial to organizations that rely on medical devices.

Complex Combination EMI Thermal Solution

This white sheet shows a complex combination EMI and thermal solution.

Cisco Compatible Extensions in Mobile

This white paper describes the value of Cisco Compatible Extension (CCX) specification to organizations that rely on mobile computers.

Long‐Range Bluetooth

This paper explains the results of testing Bluetooth's long-range capabilities.

FIPS 140-2 Wi-Fi Client Devices

FIPS 140-2 is a FIPS publication that defines the standard for cryptographic modules used within a security system that protects sensitive but unclassified information.

Optimizing 5 GHz Band Hospital

This document provides recommendations for optimal dual-band deployments in hospitals, which are challenging environments for Wi-Fi operation.

Optimizing Operation 5 GHz

This document focuses on 5 GHz Wi-Fi operation in challenging industrial environments and provides recommendations for optimal dual band deployments.

Testing Wi-Fi Functionality Medical

This document discusses the importance of thorough testing of Wi-Fi functionality in medical devices.

Wi-Fi Client Device Security Compliance PCI DSS

This document discusses Wi-Fi Client Device Security and Compliance with PCI Data Security Standards.