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Basics of DIP Switches

General Knowledge of DIP Switches

Basics of Basic Switches

General Knowledge of Basic Switches

Environment Sensor

Utilized as an IoT edge device sensing a variety of environmental information around you

Basics of Tactile Switches

General Knowledge of Tactile Switches

MEMS Thermal Sensor

OMRON's MEMS Thermal sensor is an infrared temperature sensor that can measure target surface temperature without touching, by receiving radiant heat from the object with thermopile element(s).

SPDT MOSFET Relay Module

The SPDT MOSFET Relay Module provides Longer Operating Life, Reduces Mounting Space and Design Time

Image Sensor for Human Recognition Human Vision Components, “HVC-P2”

Omron's white paper on their image sensor for human recognition.

G6K-2F-RF-V High Frequency Relays

Omron's DPDT (2 form C) relays feature a high frequency of 8 GHz with high speed differential transmission.

About High Frequency Relays for High-speed Differential Transmission Signal Switching

This high speed signal is widely used not only for communication between devices but also for processing equipment internal circuits, communication between built-in parts as well as for the inspection machine at the manufacturing stage of equipment and parts.