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CoolSiC™ Schottky Diodes SMPS Circuit Designs

An SMPS circuit designer's guide to Infineon's CoolSic™ Schottky diodes.

The XDPS21071

A multi-mode, forced-resonant-frequency, high-performance flyback controller IC

NFC Programming in Lighting

Infineon's white paper explaining NFC current configuration and constant lumen output (CLO) functions in LED power supplies.

Efficient Battery Formation Systems with Energy Recycling

Our everyday lifestyle trends towards having more and more wireless and battery powered devices in our surroundings.

GaN in adapters/chargers

This paper will discuss the benefits of e-mode GaN HEMTs in low power applications such as USB-PD adapters and mobile device chargers.

GaN in Server and Telecom

This paper will discuss the benefits of e-mode GaN HEMTs in high power applications such as server power supplies and telecom applications.

GaN in Wireless Charging

Wireless charging for portable devices dispenses with the need for conventional adapters/chargers with their associated cables and connectors.

Why Infineon CoolGaN™

This paper describes the comprehensive four-part process that Infineon has used to successfully qualify CoolGaNTM 600 V technology and products.

Why Infineon CoolGaN™

How GaN-on-Si can help deliver higher efficiencies in power conversion and power management

Artificial Intelligence: Powering the Deep Learning Machines of Tomorrow

Deep learning neural networks demand sophisticated power solutions

Power Loss and Optimised MOSFET Selection in BLDC Motor Inverter Designs

Understanding MOSFET power losses in block (trapezoidal) commutation

Wireless Charging: Advanced Technology Delivers Consumer Convenience

An integrated approach delivers real technical benefits in resonant solutions


This document exposes ideas on how to overcome those technical challenges through the next generation of semiconductor technologies with a special focus on motor drives.